SX-70 Revolution PCB for Sonar & SLR680


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The PCB for SX-70 Sonar or SLR680 modificaiton in 1pcs.

Compatible camera: SX-70 Sonar and SLR680

Important Notes:

1.The PCB was made under strict quality standards, we assure that there’s no quality defects when the PCB is purchased. but your skill are also important to the success of modification, so no warranty for failure modification cause by skills, your tools, and other force majeure. Refund still available before installing.

2.Please install the PCB according to our published documents on our download page, or consulting professionals.

3.After 4/4 2024, Sonar and SLR680 will share the same firmware and board, the boards for Sonar are also compatible with SLR680.

4.After 4/4 2024, the color of boards will be changed into GREEN.


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