Being loved by all of us, the Polariod SX-70 carries so much memories of us, the world we seem, the feelings we experienced, and the smiles appeared on our faces, she witnessed so many important things happened in the past half century and became a part of history. She’s getting older, gradually forgot how to react to the changing environment due to her dying brain……

With our endless passion of Polaroid Film, we created a new ECM for her. A brand new digital brain with modern sensors.

We hope that we can make her not only alive but even more sensitive than before,so as to keep in pace with modern technology and become our trustable and convinient tool.

What’s New

  • Totally rebuild with modern micro controller.
  • New light sensor with best accuracy in low lighting condition.
  • Accurate exposure control in daylight.
  • Manual exposure & remote shutter release via internal Bluetooth control interface.
  • Dual-ISO for both 600/i-Type and SX70 instant film.
  • Compatible all regular SX-70, also Sonar and SLR680.
  • Reliable opration with programmable firmware.

We hope that our new ECM would revive the camera you love.